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Steampunk Cyborg by Bruno Câmara 

Original by Young Hwan Lee

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First week of Inktobers. Posted daily on Instagram!

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Click here for more of Jon Stewart’s coverage of the recent House Committee on Science, Space and Technology hearing.

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Published for the First Time: a 1959 Essay by Isaac Asimov on Creativity | MIT Technology Review (via wildcat2030)

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A person willing to fly in the face of reason, authority, and common sense must be a person of considerable self-assurance. Since he occurs only rarely, he must seem eccentric (in at least that respect) to the rest of us. A person eccentric in one respect is often eccentric in others.

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Whovians — plug in your headphones, sit back, and close your eyes.

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don’t you hate it when you sneeze so hard that you regenerate

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mom: get up

me: im too tired

mom: now


mom: i mean it


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This says everything.

Don’t it though?



This says everything.

Don’t it though?

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